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The name "vodka" is a diminutive form of the Slavic phrase voda (water), interpreted as little water: root вод- (vod-) .water + -к- (-k-) (diminutive suffix, amongst different features) + -a (finishing of female gender)..6 .7 .8

The word "vodka" was recorded for the primary time in 1405 in Akta Grodzkie,.9 the court docket files from the Palatinate of Sandomierz in Poland..9 on the time, the phrase vodka (wódka) noted drugs and beauty products, while the beverage become known as gorzałka (from the vintage Polish gorzeć that means "to burn"), which is likewise the supply of Ukrainian horilka (горілка). The word vodka written in Cyrillic seemed first in 1533, on the subject of a medicinal drink added from Poland to Russia by means of the merchants of Kievan Rus'..

although the phrase vodka may be discovered in early manuscripts and in lubok pictograms, it began to seem in Russian dictionaries most effective within the mid-nineteenth century. It changed into attested in Sámuel Gyarmathi's Russian-German-Hungarian thesaurus of 1799, in which it's far glossed with Latin vinum adustum ("burnt .i.e. distilled wine")..10

In English literature the phrase vodka turned into attested already in the past due 18th century. In a book of his travels published in English in 1780 (possibly, a translation from German), Johann Gottlieb Georgi efficaciously explained that "Kabak within the Russian language signifies a public residence for the not unusual humans to drink vodka (a kind of brandy) in.".11 William Tooke in 1799 glossed vodka as "rectified corn-spirits"..12 In French, Théophile Gautier in 1800 glossed it as a "grain liquor" served with food in Poland (eau-de-vie de grain)..

any other feasible connection of "vodka" with "water" is the name of the medieval alcoholic beverage aqua vitae (Latin, actually, "water of lifestyles"), that is contemplated in Polish okowita, Ukrainian оковита, Belarusian акавіта, and Scandinavian akvavit. (be aware that whiskey has a similar etymology, from the Irish/Scottish Gaelic uisce beatha/uisge-beatha.)

human beings inside the region of vodka's in all likelihood origin have names for vodka with roots which means "to burn": Polish: gorzała; Ukrainian: горілка, horílka; Belarusian: гарэлка, harelka; Lithuanian: degtinė; Samogitian: degtėnė, is also in use, colloquially and in proverbs.14 ); Latvian: degvīns; Finnish: paloviina. In Russian for the duration of the 17th and 18th centuries, горящѣе вино or горячее вино (goryashchee vino, "burning wine" or "warm wine") became extensively used. Others languages consist of the German Branntwein, Danish brændevin, Dutch: brandewijn, Swedish: brännvin, and Norwegian: brennevin (despite the fact that the latter phrases check with any robust alcoholic beverage).

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